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Expert Ad Management For Your Brand

Do you find it difficult to reach your target audience with your current advertising efforts? Let me help you maximize your reach and connect with the people who matter most to your business.

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Maximize Your Reach Across Platforms.

Meta Business Partner - Şahan Design

Do you want to transform your marketing strategy and achieve effective results? My comprehensive advertising services can help you do just that. I offer a variety of solutions, including Google, Facebook, and Instagram advertising that can help you connect with your audience and grow your business.

Google Ads Management

You can contact me to develop a targeted advertising strategy that maximizes your return on investment and enables your business to grow.

Meta Ads Management

Whether you want to improve your click-through rates, increase conversions or reach new audiences, I have the expertise to help you succeed.

Twitter Ads Management

Are you ready to take your Twitter ads to the next level? With Twitter ad management, it's possible to grow your brand and reach new audiences.

Make your business visible in the digital world.

Do you want to grow your business and reach new customers? By working with professionals who specialize in developing and running effective advertising campaigns, you can save time and resources.


Digital Media

Holistic ad optimization


ROAS increase

Return on ad spend

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Get maximum efficiency out of your advertising budget.

I manage your advertising budget in the most efficient way, increasing click-through rates and conversions through effective analysis of target audience, keyword detection, and proper channel selection.

Budget determination

I determine the most ideal budget by doing competitor analysis for you.

Monthly Reports

I regularly provide you with the most important statistics for your brand.

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Stand out with eye-catching advertising images.

As an experienced graphic designer, I specialize in designing custom ad posts for your Google, Facebook, and Instagram advertising campaigns, helping you stand out with eye-catching visuals.

Services I Offer

Let's use all suitable advertising channels with flexible budgets, detailed reporting tools, and specific targeting options.

Google Ads

Reach potential customers with low costs thanks to Google Ads advertising.

Facebook Ads

You can reach potential customers through detailed targeting options while keeping costs low.

Instagram Ads

You can introduce your company to large audiences and interact with them.

Youtube Ads

With YouTube ads, you can show your promotional videos to large audiences at low costs.

Tiktok Ads

Introduce your brand to millions with TikTok Ads, the newest trend of the world!

Twitter Ads

Advertise on the social networking site that has a huge impact in many areas, including social and political.

Linkedin Ads

Reach your customers with LinkedIn ads. Promote your company professionally with detailed targeting.

Influencer Ads

Discover the most effective advertising method to achieve the best results for your brand!

Content Creation

Increase the impact of your ads with custom ad copywriting and slogan production!


Most of my satisfied customers leave feedback.

"Thank you for constantly enlightening us on everything, as well as increasing the visibility of our brand in digital, enabling us to generate more sales."

Mert H.


"He is someone who quickly finds solutions to all our problems in e-commerce, works professionally, follows innovations, and constantly improves himself. I am very happy to work together."

Cem Ç.

Marketing Manager

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