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With over 9 years of experience in the advertising and design industry, I have honed my skills as a versatile and accomplished graphic designer. Beginning as a freelancer working out of my own room, I have since worked with various promotion offices, creative advertising agencies, and corporate companies. Through these experiences, I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, developing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the process. I strive to infuse my work with an original and innovative perspective, always staying current with the latest graphic design trends. 
As a freelancer, I offer a range of services, including long-term brand management, e-commerce management, and graphic design support. I have particular expertise in logo design, packaging design, corporate identity design, mobile application design, and social media design. My approach to each job is enthusiastic, innovative, and productive, taking responsibility and ownership of every task. 
I help my clients to discover the best advertising channels to introduce their brands and companies, as well as establish an organic bond with their target audience through these channels, which could result in cost savings when working with me instead of high-end advertising agencies. 
Let's work together on an exciting new project...


What Do I Provide?

Low Prices
I offer a large price difference compared to advertising agencies, and I offer your professional design needs at affordable prices.
Secure Payment
I offer PAYTR infrastructure with PCI DSS compliance, which ensures that the most advanced security measures of technology are taken in your payment transactions.
Great Offers
I offer you special price offers for your design works that meet your needs, and ensure that you make a large profit in the long run.
Creative Designs
I make completely original designs for your dreams and business, which will increase your competitiveness in your sector and provide extra confidence to your customers.
Live Support
You can send all kinds of information and service requests about to me via Whatsapp and get instant information.
Easy Returns
If the design is not started within 2 (two) days after the order is placed, you can cancel the order without any reason.
Şahan Design
Çizim Pedini Kullanan Tasarımcı - Şahan Design

Şahan Design

Your Solution Partner in Visual Media Projects

As a graphic designer who provides services to her clients from A to Z, my goal is to work closely with each brand to produce creative strategies that yield effective results.

​ ​

Although times change, my passion for creativity and solution never changes. I focus on technology and innovation to fulfill my mission to lead my customers to a successful future.

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